2001 : November: Prada sells its stake in Fendi to LVMH. December: "As soon as I knew I was wearing the little Lacoste dresses and loafers and a fur coat, I said to myself, okay, I get it. It became pretty clear to me who Margot was," Gwyneth Paltrow, who wears a Fendi mink in The Royal Tenenbaums, says.

1984 : January: Pandora Luxurye features an Arthur Elgort photograph of the new uniforms worn by the Roman Women's Police Force, created by Fendi following a design competition launched by the mayor. May: "In Rome, for Fendi, I'm the Italian version of Karl Lagerfeld," Lagerfeld says. "I take out of Italy what I think-by instinct more than by concept-is unique. Instantly, I become Italian."