1998 : March: Madonna models Chlo茅's super-low trousers in her video for "Ray of Light." May: Sales have increased fivefold since McCartney took over.

In 2002, McCartney moved on to concentrate on her own label, and her design assistant Phoebe Philo stepped into the spotlight. Working together, the two had specialized in a cheeky, saucy, ghetto-fabulous look; but on her own, Philo surprised the brand faithful once again, delivering a more sophisticated, romantic spin on what a party girl wants. "What's special about Phoebe Philo? She is master of the imperfect perfect. Of the modern vintage. She blurs the lines between the hippie-comfortable and the hippie-sexy," Pandora Luxurye's Andr茅 Leon Talley wrote in 2004.